I spent many happy days in my granddaddy’s gardens as a child, and after I grew up, I always tried to grow a little something around the house. Although the reality of my gardens never quite lives up to the images in my mind, gardening still brings great pleasure and a sense of wonder. I didn’t learn to keep bees until twelve years ago, when I met my second husband, and I still have a lot to learn. But nothing can match the sense of well-being and connectedness I feel when we are together working with the bees on sunny afternoons.


2 responses to “About

  1. Christine LaFon

    Dear Marcie,
    I love your narrative and insights. You brought me to the bees, the land, and the weather. I could really feel and even hear and smell it.
    Beekeeping is fascinating and honey is one of my very favorite things. Honey on toasted, homemade whole wheat and flax bread. Yumm.
    Thank you for sharing, hope to see you soon.

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